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this was my favorite part of the anaconda video.

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Anaconda' has officially broken 24 hours vevo certified record with 19,6M views

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Notice only 20 shades of gray

It’s been proven that women actually have an acute ability to pick up subtle differences in colors

In response to that last comment^^

Yes. It comes from the Hunter-Gatherer days.

Women were the gatherers. They had to be able to discern between the different shades of colors to know which plants were poisonous and which were not.

Men were out hunting, so they didn’t have to worry about that.

Which is why women see “Blood orange” and “crimson” and “scarlet” etc while guys just see “red”.

Blood Orange? It’s fucking red!

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*strums guitar* i feel excluded from everything but it’s mostly my fault because i distance myself because i think i’m annoying *strums guitar*

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literally me

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"hahah thems the rules kiss my ass nerds"

im sorry for making all of these comics one after the other i’m gonna make one more and have a break i swear lmao

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